April 29, 2013

How To Shape Your Face

I've been getting a bunch of requests on youtube to do tutorials on basic aspects of makeup. Since most people know how to apply their foundation, I thought contouring would be the next best advice. I've posted a video talking about my favorite contouring products, as well as a demo showing you how I contour my face. You can watch that here. But, since we're not all the same, I promised I would do a post showing you where you would need to contour on different facial shapes.

Here are the basic face shapes:

Keep reading to see how you can shape your face.

The goal in contouring is to make the effect of an oval face. Like I said in the video, using a matte bronzer a few shades darker than your skin tone will be perfect. 

I apologize in advance for the lack of artistic detail when it comes to these next pictures. For reference: The brown = contour color (matte bronzer) and the blue line = highlighter (shimmery product a few shades lighter than your skin tone.)

The heart shaped face is fairly easy to shape into an oval. You'll want to focus on the temples and the forehead more than anything. I always contour right under the cheekbone with any face shape, so you'll see that as a reoccurring area. You can go pretty far down with the contour on the forehead depending on how much length you want to cut off. Always remember the highlight the tops of your cheekbones, and for you heart shaped gals, remember to highlight your chin to help balance out the face.

The long face is a little more difficult. You'll have to really work the contour into most areas of the face including: the jaw line, forehead, temples, and hollows of the cheeks. Depending on how long your nose is, you might want to contour the sides of that as well. 

The round face is similar to the long, you'll have to contour most parts of the face including: temples, forehead and cheekbones. I like to keep the jaw line a little softer, depending on the roundness towards the bottom of the face.

Ahh, the square face. This might be the most work to really get the illusion of an oval face. You'll really need to work the contour towards the jaw line, but also bringing it up quite a bit to fake the look of having a rounded chin / jaw. Also work it towards the temples / forehead to soften the shape and of course the cheekbones as well.

Last but not least, the triangle face. This is fairly easy, just focus the contour to the top of the head and highlighting towards the middle and bottom. 

I hope this helps! xox


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