June 5, 2012

A Day: Pretty Little Liars season 3 premiere

If you're a fan of the Pretty Little Liars books and TV show, you'll be excited for today. It's the airing of the third season of the show. I figured I would do a blog post because I've been MIA for a little while (school, work, doing makeup for plays and weddings, plus getting super sick for the last few days hasn't left me much time to film a video.)
Anyway, I was kind of disappointed in the second season finale. There was so much hype over the reveal of "A", and I read from multiple sources that the shows producers said A would be different from the books. Since the show went with the same bit as the books, I'm hoping it won't get boring and predictable for the ones who read them. 
Personally, I think the episode with the creepy dolls, little boy and old woman was actually scary enough to give me chills, as the season finale didn't do that. I also think Allison is still alive and manipulated the people she once made fun of (Mona, Lucas and possibly Jenna) and people she might have actually liked (Noel) to torment the girls. I also think that Maya might be alive but had to go away like Dr. Sullivan did. I honestly don't think the body that was found was hers. I think we'll find out who is controlling the "A team", who's in it and who killed Ali (if she really is dead) in season 3. 
For the members of the "A team" I think it could be: Mona (obviously), Lucas, Noel, Jenna (possibly but she'd be pretty obvious, she's still shady though), Garrett (probably him & Noel who are the ones who are showed in the endings) and possibly Melissa. 

Who do you guys think is on the "A team" and what do you think will happen in this season?


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