May 8, 2012

top 5 nail styles for spring & summer 2012

- My first favorite is ombre. I love the way you can turn this into a subtle nail style. There's two different ways, an ombre fade down each nail, or from the thumb to pinky finger, the polishes go from dark to light. Personally, I like the second one for an everyday look. I would only use the ombre on one nail. (click here to see my post on how to fix a smudged manicure to see the easiest way for an ombre look).

- White nails will give your skin contrast, making you look tanner. It's perfect for summer time!

- Neon nails, like white nails, they'll make your skin look tanner, also grabbing everyones attention. They'll easily make a neutral outfit more glamorous.

- Accent nails. Glitter, a design, ombre, or just a different color. I love doing one hand with a ring finger as my accent, and the other with my pointer. It creates a fun and interesting mani.

- Patterned nails are perfect for spring and summer. They're a fun change from all of the dark colors from fall and winter. I love Sally Hansen's salon effects nail strips. They have an amazing amount of designs to choose from, go on so easily and stay on for longer then a week with no chips!
(Nails are sported by Lucy Hale in this photo)


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