May 4, 2012

quick mani tip

You know when you paint your nails, and you think they're dry enough to text or grab something and you get a knick or smudge? Don't grab the polish remover just yet.

Instead grab a cosmetic wedge, and two or three other polishes that look good with the first, they could be in the same color family (a red base color, with a pink and white) or they could be total opposites that look great together like the primary colors.

Wet the cosmetic sponge so it doesn't absorb all of your polish, and paint the darkest color on top, then the medium (or your base color) and then the lightest.

Push the sponge on the top of your nail, don't worry if polish goes on your skin. Clean it up with a q-tip dipped in acetone.

You can do this on every nail, or as an accent nail like I did. I love the way it looks, and it's way easier then trying to blend polishes together on the nail. (The brushes would be a ton of different colors, yuck!)


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