May 9, 2012

quick health tip

I'm always snacking on sweets, especially when I'm working [at the bakery]. If you have the same problem, I think I might have solved how to get your sweet tooth craving without the carbs, calories, and fats. Instead of grabbing a bag of gummies, or a piece of cake, I'll grab a fruit leather strip. Everyone says they look disgusting, but they taste amazing. They're only 49 cents at Trader Joe's! 

They're made with 100% organic fruit, meaning, no fillers, preservatives, sugars, ect. They're a great treat for when you're on the go, or just craving something sweet.

There's three flavors, Apple Strawberry, Apple Wild Berry and Apple Raspberry. They really are one of my favorite treats to eat. (Click here for more info on these treats)

I also love to suck on one Hershey's Kiss. It's the perfect amount of chocolate for the day, as long as you make it last. 


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