May 14, 2012

healthy eating

One of my new favorite healthy foods is Greek yogurts. It can taste sour if nothing is added to it, but the health benefits are amazing. I'd recommend getting a plain Greek yogurt with low sugar. I get mine from Costco. The ones that have pre-added fruits are high in sugars and are really not that beneficial.
How I eat my Greek yogurt:
-Plain Greek yogurt
-Honey drizzled on top
-A small amount of pumpkin flax granola added for some texture
-And freshly cut fruit.
If you get pre cut fruit, the nutrients leak out of it much faster, leaving it less healthy. It's always best to buy organic fruits and wash them at home, and cut them right before use. You'll get all of the health benefits and your food will taste better when it's natural and not processed!


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