May 5, 2012

DIY hair mask

When you run out of your favorite deep conditioner, don't run out to the store just yet. Instead, make your own. Mix equal parts of oil (olive oil, canola oil, or whatever you have on hand)and honey. The amount depends on how long your hair is, how dense it is, and if you're doing this with friends. Add either mayonnaise or plain yogurt. These ingredients will help hydrate, add shine and reduce frizz. Mix all of these ingredients into a paste, and apply it to your hair focusing on the ends. Put a plastic cap on and leave it on for 20 minutes, when you jump in the shower leave the cap on for five more minutes to let the steam open up the hairs cuticles and let the mixture penetrate. It's a cheaper alternative that you can tweak to your hair type. If you're interested on how to change the mix for your hair type let me know and I'll do another post on it!


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