May 2, 2012

best shampoo for your hair type

Finding your perfect shampoo can be tricky. Follow this guide if you want your locks to shine and stay strong.

Fine hair:
Fine hair tends to be flat, hard to hold a style, and can get greasy over night.
What you need is a volumizing shampoo. It'll prep your hair to stay high, and clean out any excess oils. When conditioning your hair, don't get the roots. Going all the way up can result in limp locks.

try:  ion volumizing shampoo       or           big sexy hair extra volume shampoo 
Skipping a day of washing is healthy for your hair, but can look greasy and unkept - especially with fine hair. Try a dry shampoo - my favorite is suave professionals dry shampoo. It smells amazing, gets all the grease out, and adds tons of volume.

Medium Hair:
A medium hair type is the best - it can hold a style, has natural volume and can go a day or two without a wash. Depending on the wave pattern in your hair (straight, wavy, curly, extremely curly), you'll need different products.

For straight and wavy hair, you'll want to use a volumizing shampoo. Once a week you'll want to use a cleansing shampoo to get excess product that can weigh your hair down. (I would use this for fine hair as well) For curly and extremely curly hair you'll want a moisturizing shampoo. I would also avoid using conditioner on the roots to avoid the hair being weighed down.

Coarse Hair:
This type of hair can be difficult to work with, it needs a lot of moisture, and can go days without being washed. I would recommend a deep conditioning shampoo (the mane 'n tail again) and also doing deep conditioning treatments. I'd recommend applying a thick layer of silk elements mega cholesterol conditioning treatment, putting a shower cap or plastic cap on and sit for 30 minutes under a hot dryer, or overnight. 

Damaged Hair:
If you over process your hair with chemicals, dyes, bleaches, and hot tools, it can get dry and break. Your hair will fray out at the ends, the only way to really fix this is to cut your hair. If you want to prevent this from happening I would suggest using the same products for coarse hair. When applying the conditioner, really focus on the ends and feather upwards.

Colored Hair:
Color can fade extremely fast if you don't use quality products. You can't blame your stylist on the color turning a different tone, or fading. Shampoos you get at the drugstore usually have a high pH, causing the cuticle to open and the color to fade faster. (A high pH shampoo is only good for clarifying or fading a color you don't like.) Using a higher quality shampoo can expand the life of your color, letting you go longer without salon visits. I would recommend products like CHI ionic color protector shampoo or Bed Head by TIGI: colour combat colour goddess shampoo. If you're blonde and trying to get brassiness or yellow out, I would recommend a purple shampoo like shimmer lights shampoo.

Well Water:
When you have well water, (especially being blonde) it can tint your hair an unattractive color, cause your hair to dry out, and can cause chemical procedures and colors to fade faster. If you have well water, all you need to know is to get a well water shampoo, or a clarifying shampoo. My favorite items have been by Malibu. I got a kit, with Malibu's making well water kit. You get multiple packets that mix into a paste with water and you massage it in your hair, this really helps maintain the tint to stay out of blonde hair after toning at the salon.  When working with other products, I'd use a deep conditioner once a week - leave in for five minutes while in the shower, and rinse out before getting out and you'll be good to go!

None of these companies asked to be featured in this blog post, these are some of my favorite products. I am going to school for cosmetology and was taught about this, so this is my advice for you guys, I hope it was helpful!


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