February 8, 2012

Food Diary: February 8, 2012 (& Update)

I totally crashed my healthy eating plan around the third day. I ate so many danishes and naughty treats at work. I started eating better after that, so I thought I would share with you a catch up of yesterday and today in one post since I ate pretty healthy for dinner last night.

- February 7, 2012

- 1 & a half danish. 1 raspberry, 1/2 apricot. 
I know it's pretty bad, but I was not in the mood to cook breakfast and I had them from work from the night before. 
- 1/2 glass orange juice.

- Bagel w/ cream cheese
Not the best choice, but I didn't have time to make a salad.

- Roasted chicken (the wings & some extra white meat)
- 2 tablespoons rice pilaf
- 2 tablespoons corn
- 10 pieces of roasted potatoes
- 1 big piece of broccoli 
Usually I don't eat dinner because I'm working, or I'm not hungry because I had a late lunch. My parents were thrilled I actually ate dinner.

- February 8, 2012

- Small bowl of wheaties cereal
- 1/4 glass of pomegranate juice, the rest water.

- Medium sized salad with craisins, peanuts, and ham.
- Homemade italian dressing.
- Water bottle w/ Crystal Light lemonade flavoring

- 1 bowl of rice

I'm also canceling my Verizon account early so I can switch to my own plan on Sprint and get the Iphone. I'll finally join the smart phone family! Yay! I'll take pictures for you guys of the food so you can see how I do portion control instead of just estimating how much I ate.
I'll also be doing some posts of my favorite healthy snacks and things like that. I don't work out at all, which is bad because I really want to be fit, but I have neck problems which prevent me from doing a lot. So I will try to find easy and fun ways to work out and do a post on that as well.


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