December 5, 2011

Review: Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer

If you've watched my videos, I'm sure you've heard me talk about the Covergirl & Olay under eye concealer.

This concealer has a creamy texture, covering the imperfection of dark under eyes. It has a cool touch when applied, which helps diminish the look of bags.
 As for the "simply ageless" portion of this product, I see a difference in the size of my "bags" and (very slight) wrinkles when I smile. They used to be more prominent, but it might just be because I know how to do my makeup correctly now.
Overall I love this product. It can be a bit pricey ranging from $11-13 depending on where you get it, but it lasts for such a long time. Keep in mind that the shade will actually get lighter once the white is mixed in with the concealer swirl. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for an easy and quick way to cover up under eye imperfections. (I gave my sister one and she absolutely loves it as well)

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