December 4, 2011

New Closet Tour & Organization

As most of you know I recently moved bedrooms, also moving closets along. I no longer have a walk in closet so I thought some of you might be interested in how I managed to store everything into my new space. It's not completely done, I'm going to be doing some DIY jewelry holders to go on the empty wall on the right, which will clear up some space.

- I got this chest from an unfinished furniture store, painted it to match the rest of my room and added the knobs from TJMaxx for $5.00. The top drawer holds underwear and such, while the second holds basic t-shirts, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves. The third drawer holds all of my leggings and jeggings and the fourth drawer has my school shirts with yoga pants. The last drawer is still the same as it was and holds most of my nail polish & nail supplies.
- The top of the chest is split into two sections. The right side has my crop tops, while the left side has knits that will stretch or fall off the hanger.
- On the right of the chest there is a shelf holding all of my sweatshirts, jewelry and tank tops.
- The bar holds my Hello Kitty robe (adorable, right?) and dressier shirts.

- There's another bar above the shelf which holds my three skirts and a shoe holder which has my curling irons, straightener, candles and shoes in it. They're perfect storage solutions if you don't have a lot of room.

- If you look to the left of the chest there's another hanging organizer, but bigger.
- Behind it I have my dresses
- Under it I have my Christmas presents for the fam ;)
- The first shelf in the organizer has long sleeved cardigans. The second shelf has fancier tank tops and the third does as well, along with short sleeved cardigans. The three bottom shelves hold all of my jeans, khakis and dress pants.

- There's another shelf above the organizer which has a couple pink baskets. In the biggest one I have purses, backpacks, ect. The second I have winter wear (gloves, scarves and a hat) and the third I have feminine products. To the right I have my tripod for filming and my makeup binder I used for when I was taking classes.

- On the tippy top shelf I have miscellaneous things that I don't use very often. On the very left I have my MAC boxes and my camera box. The yellow box I've had since I was probably 5 and it's turned into my memory box. I keep important things or something I loved in there. The blue drawer sets are from target and the top one has my extensions, the bottom one has my sisters nail polish (since she likes to store her things with mine) the third has an at home acrylic nail set. In the second set of drawers I have generic nail polish that I rarely use.
- To the right of the drawers I have a couple pairs of heels, and more pink baskets.
- In the pink baskets I have yearbooks in one, halloween costumes in another and clutches in the last.

That is it for my closet organization! It's  not the most organized and amazing, but it works great for me (and I'm shocked because it was such a big difference from what I had). I'll be doing a room tour & a video on this when my room is completely done so it'll be more in depth and you can see inside my drawers and what not. I also might do a purse collection if you would  like to see that, leave a comment down below with any other requests for videos or for blog posts. 
& I'll talk to you guys soon!
xox, nina


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