November 13, 2011

Sunday Portrait: Week 5

1. I cut my hair into an A-line bob! Yayy! I've been contemplating getting this hairstyle for such a long time, and I finally got it. The only thing is it looks much better with straight hair instead of curl/wavy.

2. Not much has happened this week. I've been working so hard on my salon layout for school. We had to make a our "future" salon layout, a business plan, salon menu and business card. It took me from 9 this morning to 3:30pm.
3. I'm planning on moving my room around once I can get a new tv that can mount to the wall. So I don't know when my room post and tour will be up.
4. I am SO excited for Christmas. Usually I'm not to happy about this time of the year because of the freezing weather. But I'm actually excited. I can't wait to bundle up in cute hats, mittens and scarves.

Are you excited for the holidays yet? Or do you think it's too early to get all hyped up?

I hope you have a great week!


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