November 7, 2011

Sunday Portrait: Week 4

0. (Pictured above) My sister doing out practical at school. Starting out her updo for a wedding look on me. I wore my Poochki socks and they're so comfy!

1. I'm late again! And it's not because I forgot. I've been wanting to blog so badly, but I lost power since my last post, and I JUST got it back. It was horrible. We didn't even have water since we have a well.
2. I decided to cut my hair, it's almost above my shoulders, but I love it. I always get tempted to have it either really long or really short. 
3. I did one last halloween tutorial, I don't know if I'll post it this year.
4. Halloween was postponed in my town because of the power outage. Over 750,000 people lost power in CT.
5. After all the snow melted and we finally got power, the days are getting a lot warmer and nicer out. I can't wait to be able to watch my Ghost Whisperer and blog more :)
I hope you guys have a great week!


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