November 27, 2011

Room Decor Ideas: Shabby Chic

You might know that I recently moved bedrooms, which gets me into the decorating mood. I really wanted a shabby chic style room, but it didn't really turn out exactly like I pictured so far. I love it regardless, but there are a few pieces I think it needs. I'll be doing a room tour post probably after Christmas since I plan on rearranging my room then, but I will be doing sneak peak posts of my storage for my makeup and closet. Here are some pictures that might inspire you guys for some redecorating, I know they inspire me.

I love the soft floral design. It's so cozy and relaxing looking.

I love the colored & distressed furniture. 

I've realized to achieve the shabby chic look you'll need
  • neutral, soft colored walls.
  • one main color.
  • soft, antique looking decorations


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