October 11, 2011

Sunday Portrait: Week 1

I keep seeing posts on UK blogs called "sunday portraits." They seem to be a summary of your week with a picture to accompany it. Personally, I love the idea. So I think I'm going to do them. This weeks will be late of sunday (of course, since it's currently tuesday) but later is better then never. I don't exactly know how these work, or if there is a guide line you're supposed to use, but I figured I mine as well just share some "exciting" things that are happening this week.

1. I filmed my zombie makeup look for halloween this week, and it scared everyone in the house. It was such a gory thing, but I was so proud. I had no idea what I was doing, or how to even use liquid latex, but I played with it, and found a way to make textured skin. I don't like to look at other pictures or videos when doing my own, I want my work to be my work, not anyone else's.
2. I got the pictures from the photo shoot with Hayley (hayleyistcb on youtube) and I love them! I'm so happy with how they came out. If you want to see the pictures you can go to my facebook page or my video. I love photoshoots and I want to do more soon!
3. The other day I came home from school and saw the room next to mine (my future room) being emptied. Finally! I'm so excited, but I'm so stumped on paint choices. I love the shabby chic style for bedrooms. Tiny florals, soft pastels, and lots of comfy pillows. But I cannot decide on what paint choice, either grey or beige, I don't want a white because I don't want the room to be bland, since my furniture will be white too. Ugh.
4. I did a sparkly witch makeup look last night! (The picture above) It doesn't really look like a witch, more like a fairy or something. But I loved it. I also dyed some extensions and curled them into my natural hair. My parents LOVED the look, which is weird because it was pretty dark and usually my mom isn't a fan of black on me.
5. Last but not least, I got a perm last week! I'm so happy about it. My hair was so straight and boring, so when my teacher asked me if I wanted to be the  model for a demo for a class I said yes. She did a boomerang perm on me, which would have cost $150 in a high end salon, and only took a half hour for the whole process. My hair is still really healthy since she trimmed my ends, and if I brush my hair out, it will air dry kinda straight. But if I want it scrunched all I have to do is add a little mouse and it's good for the day (which my old hair would never last longer then 5 minutes scrunched).
I hope you guys have a good week!


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