October 17, 2011

Monday Questionnaire: October 17

Since I forgot to do my Sunday Portrait yesterday, I decided to do both posts today.

1. Mood:
Tired, and calm.
2. What do you hear right now?
My mom and sister talking, and the crackling of the fire.
3. Do you have any tattoos?
Yes I have one on my arm, and hopefully getting one on my foot soon.
4. Current nail polish?
Nothing. I want to do Essie's Mesmerized next.
5. What is your favorite pair of shoes?
Probably my black moccasins from payless, they're so comfy and cute.
6. Current outfit:
A tie-die tshirt, and hello kitty pajama pants with hello kitty slippers.
7. Do you collect anything?
Yes, makeup and nailpolish.
8. What is your favorite perfume (or body/soap scent if you don't wear perfume)?
Either Philosophies Amazing Grace, or Harajuku Lovers in Love
9. Do you feel younger or older then your current age?
Older. I'm not into all of the stuff people my age are. I like to go home on saturday night after school and drink a cup of tea while I watch an episode of Ghost Whisperer.
10. Weekly goals:
Get my room completely set up, and officially move into it, get my hair/makeup portfolio done, get my business cards and my mac pro card.

I hope you have a great week!


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