October 2, 2011

Haul Extras

Every time I film a haul video, I seem to go shopping the next day and get things I could have included in my haul. But it's a good excuse to show you guys on here.

Butter London: Bluey
This color is amazing, its a dark navy with turquoise, gold and a sea foam green reflex. 
MAC Fix+ with lavender. I've been wanting Fix+ for so long so I can use my shadows wet. Since MAC counters don't carry it, I had to search my CCO multiple times to find it.
Oh my goodness, this candle is heaven on earth, it smells exactly like a campfire with fresh wood burning and a hint of something sweet.             I went to Sally's and got a new wax, I was using the soy one and it was so hard to pull off and it made the process a lot more painful. I like this one a lot since you don't need a warmer and you can just microwave it.
I saw this necklace online on Forever 21 and had to get it. The only problem was, it had a sewing machine and button charm as well. When I went to the store my mom picked it up and loved it and we figured we could just use pliers to get the other charms off. I wore it to school one day and everyone loved it. Even though they're not hair scissors, they still work :) 
I loved this necklace so much. It's so chunky and different, and it was only $8 at Charlotte Russe! I used it on one of my model for the photo shoot for the end of my makeup class. It looked gorgeous.
I got these earrings from Forever 21 and used them with the chunky necklace above for the photoshoot. They looked AMAZING together. I'll post pictures from it once I get them!
I got this ring when I was on vacation in Massachusetts. It was a small boutique in Rockport, I think. The ring is made from turquoise, coral and amethyst. But my favorite part is that it was made from someone in the Navajo tribe - and it was fair trade. (Meaning they made it under good conditions, and was paid for their work and everything. So it's not like a sweatshop or something. Native Americans are extremely important to me, so that was amazing to hear)
The ring was $70, but totally worth it.
And last but not least, my owl ring. I got this in Rockport also. I love owls, they're my favorite accessory and design so when I found this I had to get it.
 And that is it. If you haven't seen the video you can watch it here:


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