August 27, 2011

NYC Trip: Harry Potter Exhibit

Hey guys! Long time no talk.. I know. I've been super busy, and I just haven't been able to film for weeks. I miss it so much, but I've been so stressed and busy that I haven't noticed too much. I wanted to do a couple extra blog posts for you guys because I feel bad that I haven't been able to post a video.

A couple of weeks ago, it was a super rainy day. There was nothing to do and me and my mom were so bored. Around 4pm it got really sunny and warm out so we decided to go to NYC and see the Harry Potter Exhibition. We went to Costco and picked up the tickets, then went to station and got on the train to Grand Central. It's about an hours train ride to NYC. About a half hour after riding, it started to rain - hard. And then it started hailing. They were pretty big, and I've never been on a train when it's hailed, or rained for that matter. We didn't know what we were going to do because we didn't have a sweatshirt or anything to change into and we didn't want to walk around NY if it was going to be bad outside. After getting towards Harlem, the rain and hail stopped and it looked sunny ahead so we figured if we had time we would still see Harry Potter. By the time we got to Grand Central it was about 6:40, and the Harry Potter closed at 7. We found where we needed to go and we sped walked all the way there, making it just in time to get into the last entrance. It was pretty cool, I was officially sorted into the Ravenclaw house by the sorting hat, and saw all of the different clothes and props from the movies. We saw Harry and Ron's beds, books, and a bunch of other stuff from a bunch of other characters. I recommend going if you really like Harry Potter and want to see the "artifacts" of the movies. There's a couple hands on things, but not much. Security is around every corner, and won't let you take pictures or videos or touch anything.

To me, the best part was the Forbidden Forest, they had actual models of things like Aragon, the big spider,  the dragon and a bunch of other stuff. I was looking for Dobby the whole time, he's my favorite and the cutest ever. When we got to the Great Hall I saw Dobby standing next to Dumbledore's robes. He the cutest thing ever, I wish they sold Dobby's because I would so buy one. Anyways, I was looking at something and my mom reached over and touched Dobby - Lucky! Then she said he was so soft and I would regret it if I didn't touch him. Security was talking on the other side of the room and there was a big case in the way so I don't think they saw, so I reached over and touched him - the real Dobby. Happiest moment of my life! Hahah. He was so so soft, so Harry Potter was pretty cool, but if you aren't interested in seeing outfits - I wouldn't recommend going. We ended up in the gift shop after, and I saw the Tom Riddle diary. $50 for a plain diary that says two words, no thanks.
There was a Cake Boss bakery - but it was closed, the stuff inside looked SO good. We walked around Times Square after we finished at HP and didn't find anywhere we wanted to go, so we started to walk towards Grand Central to try to find the sushi place we saw walking on the way there. Of course, we couldn't find it, so we ended up eating at Junior's in Grand Central. We went to a bakery after and my mom got cheese cake, I wanted chocolate cake so badly, but they didn't have any. And then we boarded the train and went home. I ended up falling asleep the whole time, and so did my mom. We woke up just in time to get off at our stop. A HUGE lightning storm was happening. It was pouring rain, and we had to wait in it until the train passed to get to our car. It was quite an adventure, but it was fun. I always have fun with my mom, and I love the city. We've recently been going on trips to random places and "winging it" and doing what we want without any fixed plans. We went to Salem, Mass. the other week, but that's a wholeeee nother blog post.
I'll talk to you guys soon!


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