July 28, 2011

Closet / Bedroom Organizing Tips

Pull everything out of your closet or bedroom. 
Doing this will help you see everything you have, I like to vacuum and dust my closet to make sure that everything is clean before I start to put things back. 

Throw everything you don't think you'd wear in a pile.
You can always go through the pile later and pick out things you might want to keep, but for the time being it helps organize what you want to keep and what you will probably get rid of. 
Try on the clothes.
Any time I think I might wear something I haven't worn in years, I'll try it on. It helps you remember what the item actually looks like and how it fits your body. If I try it on, I'll know if I'll wear it or not - so I won't have any regrets later if I got rid of something I never tried on.

Check pockets for money.
I cannot tell you how many times I have looked through my pockets and found a $10 or $20 bill. It might take some time to go through all of your pockets, but trust me. It's worth it so you won't be giving any money away.

Bring your clothes to a  consignment shop.
You'll get money for your clothes instead of just giving them to Goodwill or a charity. Plus they sell really cute clothing for really cheap as well. They might not take all of the clothing - usually they have certain guide lines like, no stains, no rips / tears, ect. With whatever clothes they don't take - I bring to Goodwill.

Color coordinate your closet & organize by season.
I like to organize my closet first off by season. I'll put all of the tank tops and t-shirts in the same area and work my way down towards 3/4 sleeve shirts, and long sleeves. I usually don't hang up basic shirts, but ones with details that make them more fancy - I will. I fold crop tops and off the shoulder tops and put them on a shelf because they usually fall off the hanger, but I'll put all of the clothing or hang everything in color order. I put whites and creams first, then start with reds, orange, yellow, green, blues, purple, then browns, grey and black. It makes it much easier to see what you already have - so when you're out shopping, you don't buy something you already have.

Don't use vacuum pack bags. They are good for bulky things like bedding, or winter jackets. For everyday clothing they can be a pain to open and re-vacuum. When I used them, I just packed all of the clothes I got rid of in them and put them in a big drawer in my closet. It saved space from what it was, but it still took up space that I now use for my boots and sandals so they're not thrown all over my closet.

I hope this all helped.


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