April 10, 2011


So yesterday I went to NYC with my Mom. We took the train in around 9, and got to the city a little after an hour. We got SO lost going in Grand Central Station, we probably asked ten people where to get the subway. Haha ridiculous, but we found our way to subway 6, and actually ended up meeting a girl who was going to IMATS also. So we walked from the subway to the venue. It was super nice inside, but not really what I was expecting. There weren't many makeup companies, and the ones that were there were kind of expensive for my budget. So I just ended up getting some Confidential Brushes and a Kabuki from another company (that I can't remember the name of!)
For the fun stuff, I got to meet Bethany, Sarah, Alexa, Ingrid, Fleur and Allison! I was SO excited, but so nervous at the same time. I ended up shaking so much, especially when I met Bethany cause she was the first I met. And I was kind of starstruck (that's embarrassing to say! haha) But it was so much fun, and everyone was so sweet. My Mom and I ended up leaving soon after, and went to Little Italy to get some lunch. It was soo good! We shopped around a little bit, and ended up going back to Grand Central, of course we had to stop at MAC. I don't tend to buy anything, just look.. and drool. But I actually got a four pan palette, with Shroom, Sketch, Satin Taupe and Naked Lunch for the shadows. I also got a blush called Sincere, its kind of like Blunt but a little lighter. So here are some pictures to go along with this lovely story ;)

Me and Mama on the train :)
Crazy costume / movie makeup! 
 Me and Bethany (Macbarbie07)
 Alexa and Sarah and I (smokeypinklepord and sarahbelle93x)
 Ingrid and I
 Allison, Fleur, Ingrid and I (amariex, FleurDeForce & Missglammorazzi))
 Mmm muscles with pasta :) So good!
 Mama with her lunch :) She's so cute! haha
Ate it allll up, soso good! 
The end :)
I'll post another blogpost about the stuff I got and up close pictures in a little.


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