March 14, 2011

MAC vs Hard Candy Mineralized Eyeshadow Swatches

I decided to compare Hard Candy's Kal-Eye-Descope Eyeshadow Duo's and MAC's Mineralized Eyeshadow duo. Since they are similar, and there isn't much of a difference other then the texture (MAC's being a bit softer, but Hard Candy's isn't terribly hard), and brand name. I'd rather pick up the Hard Candy eyeshadows and save a few dollars, especially if you're planning on picking up multiple items. I picked up the MAC eyeshadow from the CCO for $14, and the Hard Candy Eyeshadows for $6. That's more than half the price, so if you're looking for a product similar to MAC's Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo's I'd recommend the Hard Candy ones. They're super pigmented, especially if you use them wet. Hope you enjoy.

To see any pictures larger, just click them. :)
From left to right:
MAC's: Gallery Gal (dry, wet) & Bright Side (dry, wet), Hard Candy: Love Bug (dry, wet)

Close up of MAC's:
  Gallery Gal (dry, wet) and Bright Side (dry, wet)

Close up of Hard Candy's:
Love Bug (dry, wet)

(Left to Right) Hard Candy's:
Break Up (dry, wet) & Peace (dry, wet)

Hard Candy's:
Break Up (dry, wet)

Hard Candy's:
Peace (dry, wet)

(Left to Right) Hard Candy's: 
High Maintenance (dry, wet), Black Hole (dry, wet)

Hard Candy's:
Black Hole (dry, wet)

Hard Candy's: 
High Maintenance (dry, we


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