January 30, 2011

Piercing 101: Ears

If you haven't watched my video I made about ear piercings, you should know that I pierced most by myself.
Now I've always been interested in piercings, so I'll share with you how I did it.

1) Wash your hands, and make sure all of your jewelry is sanitary (soak in alcohol), make sure your needle is thick enough that your earring will fit in (or it'll get super irritated) and make sure it is super sanitary (I showed in the video how I did mine, if you missed it: I rub it with alcohol, peroxide and let it soak in salt water. Then I take a flame and run it along the needle. I then take alcohol on a cotton ball and run the needle through, so it cleans it off one more time. This will insure that there is no bacteria on the needle.)
2) Wipe alcohol on the area you are piercing (I only recommend to pierce the lobe of your ear, cartilage can break if you don't have the right tools)
3) Take a non-toxic marker (like crayola) and mark the spot you want to pierce. This is optional, but more efficient. 
4) I hold my needle with a cotton ball on the opposite end. This helps you have a better grip on the needle and it won't hurt your fingers when you're trying to press down.
5) Sometimes you'll need something for the back of the ear to make sure the needle doesn't go too far. I've used an eraser, apple, ect. 
6) Quickly press the needle into the lobe of your ear, make sure you're pressing straight down and not on a diagonal.
7) Make sure the needle is far enough down that the earring will fit into the hole.
8) Slide the needle out, and quickly place the earring in the hole. (This is the only part that can sting a little bit.)
9) Wash your new piercing with an anti-bacterial soap or a saltwater wash.
10) For earrings you'll want to twist them every couple of days, but try not to touch them too much.

After Care:
1) NEVER use alcohol to clean a fresh piercing. It will kill all the bacteria (good and bad) and dry out the area, causing a longer healing time
2) Use a salt water wash (a teaspoon of salt water with a little luke warm water) on a cotton swab to wash around the piercing.
3) You can also use an anti-bacterial soap.
4) Try not to touch the piercing or irritate it with makeup / face wash, ect.
5) If your piercing is still swollen after a couple days, call your piercer.
6) If your piercing oozes with green/yellow puss (sorry, gross. I know!) call your piercer immediately, it's infected.
7) Do not apply pressure (ex: don't sleep on your new piercing until it is fully healed) to any piercing you can get a helix bubble (a bubble forms around the piercing.)
8) If your piercing does get infected, do not take out the jewelry. If unfortunately this does happen, the jewelry will act as an exit hole for all puss, dirt, infection. If you take out the jewelry, the hole will close, keeping the infection in your body.
9) To get rid of an infection clean the piercing three times a day with salt water wash or anti-bacterial soap. (soaking the piercing in the salt water really helps, also) Go to the doctor immediately, try to get medication but do not take out the jewelry (reason stated above.)

I hope this helped and these rules apply to any piercing. If you have any questions feel free to message me on youtube, or leave a comment here and a way to get back to you and I will.


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