January 9, 2011

Elf Liquid Liner Review

A couple days after Christmas, I went to Target. I passed by the cosmetics section and saw a ton of Elf products on sale. Now Elf is already pretty cheap, but when it's practically stealing I want to buy everything! So I looked at some things and picked up a pack of three liquid liners. A black, silver and dark purple. They were in a cute black package with snowflakes on the front, but the actual packing of the liners weren't too great. They're a plain cone shaped container with a long handle. Here's a picture:
I was excited to try them, but once I got home and swatched them. The silver came right off my hand. The black stayed the longest, and Plum flaked off after several hours. They are all pretty pigmented, but I'd recommend only getting the black if you want something with pretty good staying power. I also noticed the applicators aren't a brush. It's like a cone shaped felt. The liner is pretty thick, but it drips down the applicator. There's a lot of product that goes off the applicator, and it can easily ruin makeup if a big glob runs down your eyelid. The last thing that I noticed about these liners is that they are pretty rough on the eyes. I'm not talking about texture, but the sensitivity level isn't really there. They're pretty strong. I've gotten these close to the corner of my eyes and my eyes were watering so badly - and all day! 
I would only recommend these eyeliners to someone on a budget and I'd try out the black for the longest staying. They're not horrible for being $3 for three products, but for a couple more dollars I'd spend the money on a different liner in the future.


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